When your taxes are in turmoil.

Fiscal Guardian is here to assist you with your tax related struggles. We partner with the largest tax attorneys in the Tristate area to solve your tax challenges with speed, competence and expertise.

A Team of
Tax Attorneys

Tax laws are very nuanced.
We collaborate with a highly
competent team of tax attorneys and consult their expertise every step of the way.

Extreme Attention
to Detail

With a saintly persistence, every document is scrutinized and every detail studied before we advise and embark on a plan of

to Solve

No matter the complexity or
severity, we will solve your tax
conundrum. We will not call it
quits until we work out a solution
that pleases all parties.


Our reservoir of knowledge
and expertise is reflected in
our successful track record of
communication and nagotiation
with the IRS.

Jacob Teitelbaum, CPA, CTRC

With years of relentless tax experience under his belt, Jacob brings you the expertise you need and the dedication you want.

But expertise is not the sole beam he stands on. Jacob keeps learning, keeps growing and consistently surrounds himself with like minded tax professionals, nationwide.

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Non Filers


Offers in Compromise

Penalty Abatement

Installment Agreements

Tax Liens and Levies

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